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in treatment and regeneration of horses

horse cryochamber

for better regeneration, performance and capabilities

Perhaps you have already heard about this form of treatment. Since the creation of the frst cryochamber in Japan in the 1970s, knowledge about the benefts of cryotherapy has been
coming from hundreds of places in the world where these devices have been helping people for years. Today cryochambers are used by top-class athletes and sport clubs, allowing them to
achieve their goals.

invitation to cryotherapy

pictures taken at Melloni Horses, stable of #1 Polish showjumper


Faster regeneration is one of the benefits of cryotherapy treatments. They happen here, in the cryochamber. When building our company had two things in mind: effectiveness of the treatment and the safety of the horses.

Our newest units are finished with wooden interior. They provide high effectiveness of treatments. Designed with combination of beautiful style and utility. Created to help horses.

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elements of cryogenic treatment

how does cryotherapy help horses?


Blood starts to flow through the entire body up to four times faster, resulting in an increased distribution of oxygen and nutrients. Thanks to the widening of blood vessels, oxygen-rich blood goes to deeply located structures, which cannot be achieved by other means. Muscles, tired and tense by long-lasting, monotonous trainings, are relaxed and regenerated


The body, stimulated by a strong stimulus, begins to produce two extremely important hormones: testosterone and endorphins. Testosterone is responsible for building muscle mass and achieving strength, while endorphins are the hormones of happiness. They not only make you feel better, but also, in the case of horses, they bring them back to their natural mental state, reducing the problem described by riders as „lack of self-confdence and faith in one’s own skills”


Along with cooling and blood supply of tissues, the quality of collagen – protein which is the basic building material of tendons – improves. It has a very high resistance to stretching. Its poor quality, or loss, leads to unpleasant injuries associated with tendons. These injuries make it impossible for the horse to train and it is sent to rehabilitation, so it is not possible to work effectively on its potential. A correctly carried out cryotherapy treatments cycle improves the quality of collagen, its elasticity and consequently, reduces the frequency of injuries by up to three times.


After the treatment, the horse undergoes kinesitherapy, i.e. a training which should include: lunge, treadmill, walk, paddock, carousel, as well as general exercises. The horse’s muscles are relaxed, the tissues are rich in oxygen and nutrients, and the testosterone and endorphins present in the hormonal system make it full of strength and energy to exercise. This is the moment of the highest training efciency, during which strength, endurance and resistance are clearly increased.

the best in Poland

Wojciech Wojcianiec

Melloni Horses is the place where the legend was born.

Since 2018 every horse of Wojciech Wojcianiec have been undergoing cryotherapy treatments. The results were astonishing.

Hours of training, taking care and power that came from cryotherapy – it all made Wojciech #1 in showjumping in Poland.

The morning routine – first cryotherapy treatment of the day

Szczecin, Poland. 2019

Celebration after announcing the results of the final competition

Szczecin, Poland. 2019

Nacord Melloni preparing for cryotherapy treatment

Sopot, 2019

Wojciech Wojcianiec at the Olympics!

Szczecin, Poland, 2019

After 16 years of polish absence at the olympic showjumping competitions

Szczecin, Poland. 2019

Our rider qualified for the olympics with two horses. Congratulations!

Szczecin, Poland. 2019

Wojciech Wojcianiec again #1 in Poland!

Szczecin, Poland. 2020

In 2019 and 2020 Wojciech became the best Polish showjumping rider!

Szczecin, Poland. 2020

Wishing all the best at the coming years with the Horse Cryochamber!

Szczecin, Poland. 2020

Internationally patented

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a good

No need to worry about the transportation and installation of the device. This is covered and made by our company.

Training of the staff, introductionary treatments and personal assistance by our employee are all a part of every contract signed between us.

cryotherapy effects


Thanks to cryotherapy horses can recover much faster after tough, demanding competition.


Nourished, relaxed muscles means that the horse is ready to endure more intensive trainings without any health impairments.


Cryotherapy builds more aerobic physical capacity, anaerobic strenght, improves the quality of collagen, resulting in much less injuries.

For every

Cryotherapy offers benefits to horses of every disciplines. From jumping, to endurance, from active to retired, from young to old.

During our presence in equine world, we’ve helped many horses. See for yourself the full list of benefits and indications for horse cryotherapy.

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